Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I joined!!

I know it has been awhile since my last post but with the holidays and know the drill.  I did however join the "2011 Challenge", 15 new starts in 15 days.  The only modification I made is to alternate new starts with WIP's, otherwise I will have too many WIP'  With all my good intentions of starting this challenge I threw my back out, the funny thing is I don't really know how I did it.  I have been reading some of the blogs and a lot of people have decided to join the "Challenge" and some have modified it but none like One Stitch at a Time.  She is doing a new start a day for the entire month.  I really love that idea and can't wait to see her progress for the entire year.

The following is a list of my starts and WIP's so far:

1.  In the Forrest by La D Da
2.  Summer Ball by Sandy Littlejohn-WIP
3.  Marblehead Sampler from Sampler & Antique Needlework Spring 2007
4.  ?
5.  ?

I realize I am a day off, I was not able to stitch on Sunday because of my back pain, so I will make up the day along the way.

I got a new camera for Christmas the Canon EOS Rebel T2i and am planning to take a lot more pictures of my needlework.  If I feel better today I will take pictures of my starts so far and post them tomorrow.  I did have an organized list of projects I wanted to start but I decided to start on ones that I have kitted up already.  So at this point I am taking it day by day, which I kind of like, makes the day a mystery as to what my new start or WIP that I will bring out. 

An update on my VoHRH, I finally finished all the stitching now I am going back and doing the backstitching.  Since I am using Q-Snaps I decided to save the BS for last but I should have this completely finished soon.

Thanks for reading and following....check back for pictures!!




  1. Good luck! I have enough craziness in my life right now ;o) ROFL!

  2. Sorry to hear about your is never fun to deal with a sore body, especially when there are a lot of things to do and get done. Good luck on the challenge - I have also modified to in order to try to complete some of the WIPs and UFOs hanging around.
    take care and glad to have you back posting :)

  3. 15 new starts?!!!! Ya crazy, girl!!!=O
    Lol... now really curious on how your progress will be.

  4. Hi, Stephanie! I haven't got the bunny yet--hoping to go to Alexandria (north of here) this weekend and get one--at the McDonalds that just happens to be across the street from my fav needlework shop!

  5. I will be watching for updates! I can't imagine starting one project a day for a month. 15 is good for me, but 31 would drive me crazy, LOL. Hope you are feeling better.

  6. Hi Stephanie. I just discovered your blog! Love your stitching, your sweet little Yorkie and the view from your office window! We visited SD a few years back and stayed on Shelter Island (? I'm sure that's what it was called but am wondering now if I am confusing it with the Leonardo Caprio move? LOL). We found it very beautiful and said we would return but as yet have not done so. I have bookmarked your blog for future visits.