Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy Saturday!!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend so far.  The temperature has finally dropped in Southern California.  It has been in the 90's most of the week and I believe there is a chance of rain later this afternoon.

We are going to visit my BF's mother today who lives in Temecula.  We are going to breakfast and then to a movie and will be back early for the 7:30 pm USC game tonight.  

I'm going to bring my VoHRH with me hoping I wll get to do a little stitching.  I am getting closer to finising filling in the school house and am hoping I will almost have the block done by the end of the weekend.  Maybe wishful thinking on my part, but I can hope. I also need to bring out Quaker Christmas to try and finish that one at some point.  I will take pictures of both tomorrow as well as a kitted up new project.

Have a great Saturday stitiching!!


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